Innovative Airway Management Solutions

EmergenceMed, LLC is a startup company and a spin-off from UT Health San Antonio, and UTSA. EmergenceMed has a focus in airway securement and innovation technologies including suction devices. 

What WE dO

Airway compromise is the second leading cause of potentially survivable battlefield death. When assessing a casualty, combat medics have a few precious seconds to assess the oral cavity to determine if the airway is blocked. Once unblocked via suction, the medic must maintain a clear airway to assure passage of air and access for additional intervention. In better equipped settings such as hospitals, providers use powerful, permanent building suction to clear obstructions and determine damage. However, the “portable” electrically powered systems available are too large and heavy to be carried by medics and civilian paramedics, Hand-powered units available are not powerful enough to remove thick vomit or blood from the mouth and throat, and our marketing surveys show they are left behind. Our objective is to create a compact, highly portable, and battery powered suction device to address these needs.

Technology and Opportunity Review


•Airway Obstruction is the second most leading cause of preventable battlefield deaths  

•Clearing the obstruction (blood, vomit and bone) accumulated in airway is Airway Management 

Succinct Description of Technology

•An advanced suction device capable of meeting first responder needs for airway management in battlefield situations 

Commercialization Opportunity


•Emergency Medical Services 



Working with multiple organizations to solve the toughest problems.

Venture Mentoring Service, a UT system collaboration between UTSA, UT Health SA, and VMS-SA is managed by both UTSA’s Office of Commercialization and Innovation and UT Health’s SA Office. Venture Mentor Services includes key and executive-level personnel ranging from product development commercialization, marketing, operations, pharmaceutical sales, engineering, and finance.

The University of Texas-sponsored accelerator program TechNovum provided guidance on technology transfer from institution to private enterprise.

Additionally, the team completed the NSF Innovation program. NSF offered guidance to communicate with various stakeholders across the customer ecosystem, thus deriving the current knowledge of operational workflows and challenges ahead.